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Founded by Ben Steckman, who set out with the goal of helping families achieve their dream of homeownership, Blackwell Homes was built on trust and transparency from day one.

From designing to building to closing, we have an open-door policy for our clients so they feel confident in every step of the process—and can be proud when it’s finished.

We focus on providing affordable, quality homes to families and believe that every family should be proud of the home they live in. Our team takes pride in giving our customers options for creating their dream house.

This has led us to success as we have seen more satisfaction from our customers than ever before, which motivates us to constantly improve as a company.

Ben Steckman

With a passion for turning dreams into reality, Ben stands at the helm of Blackwell Homes, a premier custom home construction company known for crafting exquisite living spaces that reflect individuality, elegance, and innovation. Commitment to excellence and a track record spanning 6 years, Ben is known for his hands-on approach and takes pride in being personally involved in every project, from the initial concept to the final touches. Ben believes in giving back to the community and has been involved in initiatives that promote affordable housing and environmentally responsible building methods.

Seth Wiley

Meticulous and seasoned, Seth stands at the forefront of Blackwell Homes’ custom home building endeavors as the Construction Manager. From blueprint to final walkthrough, Seth is the driving force behind the execution of each project. Armed with a background in residential custom construction, he has honed an acute understanding of the intricate processes that transform visions into reality.

Why build with Blackwell Homes & Development?

At Blackwell Homes and Development, we are different than our competitors because of our core values: integrity and honesty, exceptional service and long lasting relationships. These values motivate our team to value the customer experience first and foremost. We’re committed to building homes with character that foster a sense of community by incorporating personal touches throughout.

Our high-quality materials will give your home an unmatched look and feel with maximized functionality in every floorplan – all while working within your budget. We offer amazing locations to choose from, so let us help design your custom home with our experts today!

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We have a team of specialists who will work hard on your dream home until it’s perfect. Our custom floorplans are designed to provide you with the perfect home.

We’re not just any company – we’re Blackwell Homes and Development, and we take pride in our ability to give you the life that you deserve through quality architecture, design, and amenities. Stop dreaming about owning a beautiful home and start living it at Blackwell Homes!

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Blackwell Homes and Development is a custom home builder that specializes in creating exceptional living spaces tailored to your unique vision and lifestyle.

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